Comics Helper

Customer and subscription management for comic shops

Comics Helper manages your subscriptions and makes communicating with customers easy, so you can spend more time selling comics.

Quickly visualize changes in popularity
of comics at your store.

image of a chart that shows 5 comic titles subscriber changes over the last 6 weeks

Mass text customers about their comic books

Convert sales faster

Learn preferences sooner

Get the most out of every final order cutoff

an example of how mass messaging works within the application

ComicsHelper lets you easily text message your comic shop's subscribers

  • Messaging and replies help to order accurately

  • Gauge demand for a new title or variant cover

  • Encourage customers to sign up for one shots

  • Reach out for special events or signings

Special Pricing for Founding Members

Only $40 a year for a limited time

While I build the best app I can to help you sell the right stories to the right people, I'm offering a special price for founding members. You'll get access to all the features of the application, and more, for only $40 a year. That's less than $4 a month!

Once we open to the general public, the price will go up and you'll remain locked in until your founding member pricing expires. The pricing below represents the value that I'm hoping to add. This app will save you at least $40 a month in labor and time.

How can I tell if ComicsHelper is a good fit for my shop?

  • You want to be able to order with more insight into how comics are selling in your store.

  • Spreadsheets to manage all your customers preferences are frustrating and less accurate than you'd like.

  • Receiving comics and setting aside orders for subscribers takes too long.

  • You'd like to do more customer outreach but don't have the time.

  • You'd like to offload the work of Pull Boxes and Holdfiles to an employee.

  • You're happy to work with me to create features that will help your shop.

  • You want to introduce more customers to more stories they'll love.

How will pricing work?

Founding member price

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Plan will disappear some day
  • 100% feature access and support
  • Price valid for 1 year

Expected pricing for the standard plan

  • Potential for messaging caps
  • Most features will be accessible
  • Office Hours access
  • Email Customer Support

Expected premium plan pricing

  • 100% feature access
  • Email and phones support
  • Office Hours access
  • Early access to new features
Comics Helper

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