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Image of The Good Asian comic book.

What a super comic book. The art is wonderful, and the story is noir, which I’m a sucker for. I’m also a sucker for stories that take place during real events. Which sets the backdrop for this comic. One of my favorite books is Devil in the White City. Historical fiction, what an awesome category.

The art in this book is outrageous. There are a number of pages that I remember just gasping when I flipped to them. Including one two page spread that is absolutely tops. It screams roaring 20s Great Gatsby. Love the art all around. Can’t say enough good things. Spectacular.

The story is very compelling as I like a good detective story. Issues come with a beefy section that tells you more about the time that Edison Hark lives in, warts and all. You get a sense of time and place that sets a mood. The story absolutely delivers as well. It’s a fun read that keeps you flipping pages. Big shout out to the lettering too, which manages to make abundantly clear when English is being spoken. Its a subtle detail that really helps pull the story along in parts. All in all, I loved this book. I could absolutely see a television show with this content. Highly recommended. I’m not intersted in providing ratings or scores really, but if I was, this would recieve high marks.